Play “The Strikers’ Way” – Team Spirit, Hard Work, Determination, Intellect (IQ) and the invaluable ability to overcome any obstacles in life and above all,  play with dignity and play fairly. These are the characteristics we look for and instill in our players. 

Become a Striker legend and represent Lee County and the City of Fort Myers with pride.



Strikers proudly represent Lee County and the City of Fort Myers. 


The club’s technical program creates a learning environment for its players by engaging them to think and understand their decisions in regard to the main four moments in the game of soccer.


Our “player-centric” philosophy coupled with a progressive methodology by our technical staff supports a player’s enhanced performance in a collective environment. 


South Fort Myers Soccer Club was founded in 1986. Soon after the Lee County Strikers competitive club was started as a separate entity from South Fort Myers Soccer Club.


1991 saw the opening of Kelly Road Soccer Complex and both organizations relocated to it as their home fields, this is still our home to this day. By the mid 90’s the two groups joined together to form Greater Fort Myers Soccer Club, Lee County Strikers Competitive division.


Through the late 1990s, the club grew to over 850 players with over 30 competitive teams and has served the community and families of SWFL since. 


Access for all families!

We believe the game is for everyone, regardless of socioeconomics. For many, soccer is their path to learn, grow, and develop a passion and identity.


Our ultimate mission is character & player development, we will emphasize sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, work ethic, self-confidence, leadership, and unity.

Also, a key component at Strikers is building player IQ, ability to learn as well as fueling their passion and love for the game.



Why Support the Strikers’ Mission?

We believe in the infinite potential of the youth in our community and building character of the youngest members in Lee County. We see the value of our younger generations and how profound our impact can be as a club on their self-confidence and personal identity. We believe that the sport of soccer represents one of the healthiest experiences for young people to learn how to meet their potential.

With our process in place, we feel our club effectively focuses on a special mission to teach invaluable life lessons to every participant involved in our program, while also bringing our community together. We believe with important partners, sponsors, and donors we can receive the critical support opportunities for children of all families in need to play or grow.

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Lee County Strikers Programs

Academy Soccer

Ages U7 Thru U9


The Academy’s Grassroots Program provides our youngest players with the opportunity to get involved with our Club and staff in an educational and enthusiastic environment.


The primary goal of this program is to foster the enjoyment of soccer. 

Competitive Soccer

Ages U10 Thru U16


Our Competitive Soccer program focuses on improving and increasing technical skills.

Training is twice per week and focuses on the application of technique within tactical situations while enhancing the speed of play. Greater demands are placed on the player due to heightened competition.


The program will play statewide match play and will compete in a league and tournaments throughout the competitive calendar. This flight begins training in August and runs through the end of April.

College Showcase

Ages U17 Thru U19


The College Showcase program increases technical, physical, and tactical demands on the players, through competitive state and regional match play.

Training is two to three times per week and focuses on supporting our student-athletes pursuing their goals of playing college soccer.


This program begins training at the beginning of August until the end of October, resuming over the December holiday break and then running from the beginning of February through the end of April.

Rec Soccer

Ages U6 Thru U12


Our Recreational program is all about building a passion for playing soccer while expressing creative ideas, developing a natural comfort on the ball and a sense and feel for the game with a mixture of training activities to encourage all aforementioned critical components.


This is a parent guided program with training Mon/Weds & games on Friday nights, leaving your weekend free!

Strikers’ Technical Staff

LCS Leadership Team

Our coaches are unique because they look at soccer as a pathway to success. They see the value of the game and how it plays a significant role in changing player’s lives. We all come from different countries and regions but have the same feeling for soccer, it has changed our lives for the better.

We have been influenced and shaped by the game to give of ourselves better fathers, community members and to give back to the youth in making our community better and stronger. We all look at soccer as our passion and have a pure love of the game, but are keenly aware how it has helped us to build relationships and all get to where we are today….